Dad visits

The weather this weekend was nearly perfect. Of course it wasn’t quite as nice as it was earlier in the week when I had to spend the day inside at the office (go figure). But it was nice enough to spend a lot of time outside.

My dad is visiting for the weekend – which is extra-exciting for the boys and fun for all. On Saturday we did a hike in the morning (yes, even the dogs enjoy guests). In the afternoon we went to the Preston park to watch Ben play baseball. Preston won. Ben is getting confidence to swing at the ball, even though this time he struck out (but better to swing than to not try at all).

Today we did another hike in the morning. Will joined us by biking ahead down the trail and sitting at his private spot along the stream (just downstream of a small waterfall). Ben is breaking in a new pair of hiking boots, trying to prepare for a three-day trip this summer to the White Mountains with my dad so he didn’t quite hike as far as the rest of us. And Isabella slept most of it.

This afternoon the boys and my dad biked up the hill into Norwich for a snack (donuts – go figure). And after everyone returned the family drove back to Norwich for a nice dinner at a new-ish brew pub. Will was even adventurous enough  to get onions on his hamburger. Ben will eventually get there – just not tonight.

The Curtis boys (and baby) looking good while enjoying a hike in the woods.

The two very beautiful Curtis girls dressed up for a nice dinner in town.
The two very beautiful Curtis girls dressed up for a nice dinner in town.

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