Goodbye hens, goodbye duck, goodbye birds all for now

Our empty coop... ready to be cleaned up one of these days
Our empty coop… ready to be cleaned up one of these days

Last week, Susanna and I decided it was time to take a break from the birds. With a baby at home, me traveling a lot this summer, and the boys not helping as much as they had promised, it was time to take a break.

So Saturday a friend, Mark, picked up the five remaining hens and duck to add to his flock and we will take at least  the next year off of chickens.

Now all that remains is to clean out the coop so it is ready if and when we want more birds. And to remember to limit what we throw in the compost since we won’t have chickens to process cheese and meat anymore.

We have plenty to do this summer around the house and we won’t miss the birds (at least won’t miss them too much). Plus, there is a farm around the corner where we can get fresh eggs until we decide to get our own again. And next time no ducks. They are too messy.