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New O’Day 22 Mainsail!

The new mainsail for the O’day arrived by FedEx today. It has been nearly 9 weeks since I ordered the sail from Peak Sails North America. The sails look nice, but of course I’m not an expert on sails – … Continue reading

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A weekend of house projects

A three-day weekend! Every weekend should be a three-day weekend! We had time to enjoy a date night on Friday (Comix Comedy Club at Foxwoods), get lots of house projects done, and even relax a little bit in the evenings. … Continue reading

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Improving the chicken/duck run

I’ve lived with the pre-existing chicken run for two years. I liked the ability to let the chickens pick through the compost, but other than that I didn’t really like the run. The door was a little too low and … Continue reading

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Second Toy Box Delieverd

Last Sunday I delivered the second toy box to Susanna’s preschool. The third box is in the shop mostly completed – hopefully I’ll get it out the door in a week or two. The roof on the first box is … Continue reading

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Getting the garden ready for summer

It has been a busy couple of weeks. The weather is finally warm and we can spend the weekend outside getting ready for summer. The chickens and ducks are growing. I learned that the ducks aren’t so good at doing … Continue reading

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