Home Projects (getting ready for a VA refinance)

I’ve been working on fixing the list of discrepancies in the house that the home inspector identified.  The biggest pain in the rear will be the exterior painting.  I have to scrap and paint the front porch, paint the trim on the barn and paint the carriage house (I think I’ll rent a paint sprayer for that job).

I have been working on adding handrails to all the stairs… of course that should have been done a long time ago.

Here are the basement stairs.  The railings are made from Sapele – I had it laying around. Normally it would be an expensive way to make the handrails.

Of course it is snowing now… where is spring.

Post for the day – trying iPhone wordpress app

I downloaded a WordPress app for the iPhone a while ago. I couldn’t get it to work at first. But the new version seems to work.

This morning I started my journey home. We had to get up early to take the 7.30 bus from Storvik to Gävle. I was going to catch a 9.15 regional train to Arlanda. When it didn’t list a track, Susanna asked at the ticket counter. Apparently it was cancelled; they gave me a ticket on an earlier X2000 train instead. It is a much better ride on the X2000.

I had a wonderful week off. I got lots of time to relax. We had good food and ok wine. But damn Sweden is expensive. The exchange rate doesn’t help either.

I have plenty of time at Arlanda for a coffee and some reading (as well as playing on the iPhone).