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A wonderful day to stay home sick…

I’ve been fighting a cold all week. I decided it was winning this morning. So I get to enjoy a nice quiet day at home watching TV and playing on the computer. I went back to sleep this morning and … Continue reading

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A quick refresh on the back stairs

Several years ago, I painted the back stairs (and the second floor hallway) the same color as the trim (Classic Ivory). That was a mistake. It was much cheaper than getting it refinished, and the original carpet was a disaster, … Continue reading

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Progress (finally able to paint)

I was finally able to start painting Will’s room. Susanna had previously painted the ceiling white  while I replaced the damaged wall. We are changing the room color from the previous green-blue to a blue with off white trim, and … Continue reading

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Taking a slow Sunday morning

Breakfast is done; the boys are packed and ready to go to their mother’s house. Time to snuggle the dogs on the couch and play games on iPods and tablets.

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Back into the workshop

After a cold start to the long weekend, I was able to get back into the shop on Monday. The rain came on Monday, and with the rain came temperatures in the 40s. That isn’t too cold to heat up … Continue reading

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Sprouts, Sprouts, Sprouts and getting ready for spring

I figured it would be appropriate to follow a post on renovating the house with ADHD with a post on a completely unrelated (new) project. Sprouting. Luckily this project doesn’t take much time. We had periodically purchased sprouts at the store and … Continue reading

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Renovating a house (with ADHD)

It is not about finishing projects. Okay, I guess it is. But I can’t think of it that way. Let’s start over. I was telling the end of the story first. The house doesn’t have ADHD. Well, maybe it does. … Continue reading

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Old Family Photographs (memories from the 70s)

I am enjoying a quiet evening listening to Susanna play the piano. It is cold and windy out, perfect for looking through old pictures. Here are some from when I was (much) younger.  

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Susanna’s new blog

I finally convinced Susanna to start writing a blog again. It was fun to read her old blog, even though I had to use Google translate, which made for some interesting reading.  Her blog can be found here. I’m sure she … Continue reading

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Drill bit upgrade

I had to drill a bunch of 1/4″ holes for the counterbore pins for the base of the kitchen island. The base is constructed from white oak. I drilled the first few from the 1/4-inch forstner bit I had on … Continue reading

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