Re-visiting Mystic Seaport

Today, Elsa and Susanna went to New York City for the day, so it left Izzy and me to find something to do on this hot and humid day. This morning we visited Mystic Seaport. It has been a while since Izzy and I visited Mystic Seaport and it isn’t her favorite place. However, Connecticut is offering free entry to a bunch of museums for kids with an accompanying adult, so we decided to make it a morning.

We walked around a bit, and Izzy wanted to watch one of the short shows that the museum staff puts on. She volunteered to go up on stage and help out, and even volunteered me to join her for part of it. This afternoon we will go see Elemental at the movies.

Izzy on stage at Mystic Seaport.
Steering the Charles W. Morgan at the Mystic Seaport
Hiding in a barrel at the cooperage at the Mystic Seaport.

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