Slow Progress on the House Projects

I’ve been really taking my time on the the front porch repair. Last year we replaced the ceiling, which wound up being a larger project than I expected. The project sat dormant for most of the winter. Earlier this spring, Susanna ripped up the rotten stairs and porch decking in front of the door. I had planned to make the decking from some white oak, but the rough stock I got was too thin, and it was going to be a lot of work. So I stalled and found other projects to work on.

A week ago I went by Koszela Lumber to see if they had anything already milled to match the existing flooring. The original floor is a solid 1-inch thick tongue-and-groove Fir. They had a very close match. The boards were the correct thickness, but not quite as wide (maybe 1/4″ shy of the original boards). The deck is painted, so I decided to go for it and hoped it would look good.

Last week I cut the boards to length and rounded the ends. Today I installed the floor repair, with the final board having to be cut thin to meet up with the existing deck. The next step is to finish the steps.

Front porch floor installation in progress.
Front porch floor repair installation complete. Now to sand and let Susanna paint it to match.

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