Spring Break Pictures

Izzy heading down the slide with Ben.

Will hanging out at Mystic Aquarium

Enjoying a beautiful day at Mystic Aquarium (picture by Will)

Ben and Izzy looking at the whales at Mystic Aquarium

Ben and Izzy being a little silly with Grandma.

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Sunday morning

Susanna takes yoga every Sunday morning, so I get a morning alone with Izzy the weeks the boys are at their mom’s house. This morning we (I) picked up the house and ran the vacuum and Izzy and I headed out to the Preston Park. The weather was perfect, and getting to the park at 9AM almost guarantees that we will have the playground to ourselves.

Figuring out how to climb through the tunnel on the playscape.

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A quick project from reclaimed material…

Will asked me to help him build an archery target. He was tired of shooting at a half-fallen-apart bale of hay. We went into the workshop, found some old foam insulation blocks, and pine reclaimed from some benches that had been in our sun porch. It was a short project to put together a target and stand, and nice to use some materials that had been sitting around the shop.

Ready for target practice

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Sunday Morning Selfie

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Morning Snuggle Time

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Being Silly

Isabella showing off…..

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Winter pictures.

I’m still fighting a cold – so I’m taking it easy and going through pictures from the past few months (and playing more with Lightroom). Here are a few from┬áthe past few months.

Picking our Christmas tree.

Making Izzy a cardboard house from a packing box.

Ben being himself on one of our family walks.

Izzy and Tucker.

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February weekend

It has been a slow weekend. Both Ben and I have been fighting a cold since Friday. Neither of us is completely knocked out, but we are certainly not feeling up to a super busy weekend.

The boys and I are working on upgrading the game loft – in preparation for Will’s birthday party in two weeks. Over the past two weeks I built a counter using some oak flooring that I brought back from St. Louis years ago. The party will be a gaming party, so we needed the counter to set up the computers on. We also made a Craigslist gain of four bar stools that are a surprisingly good match.

The new bar/counter in the play loft. The computer monitors need a bit of cleaning.

I still have some work to do before the party. I have to add wiring for the computers and two more overhead lights. In the long run we need to finish insulating the space and finish the walls and floor. But who knows how long that will take to finish…

Izzy, playing with her Mom’s iPhone.

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2017 Goals

It is that time of year again. Time to look back at the past year and look ahead to a new year. I didn’t write down specific goals for 2016 – but I think it helps me focus if I set some concrete goals. Here is my list of things I want to accomplish or do better this year:

  • Be more consistent in writing in this blog. I think it helps me to take time to focus on what I have finished.
  • Be better about posting pictures of Izzy in her blog.
  • Do another “March Challenge.” This time with Will and Ben.
  • Finish the coffee table.
  • Make at least two additional pieces of furniture in the workshop.
  • Install the pool with Susanna and the boys.
  • Finish the patio updates/outdoor kitchen.
  • Install a new door on the workshop and interior walls/insulation on one wall of the workshop.
  • Improve insulation on the workshop and the boy’s play loft.
  • Host a New Years party with Susanna.
  • Go bicycling with the family.
  • Spend a good week with Ben working on his boat this summer.

Of course, I’m sure my goals will change each month – that is the beauty of having ADHD – lots of ideas and ideas. But a list is a place to start.

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