San Diego (part 1)

Mission Trails Park
Mission Trails Park, California

I actually made it to San Diego.  After a rough start.  I missed the boat (literally) and had to switch jobs – staying on shore.  Of course it wound up being a week of nothing but waiting, with the events finally getting cancelled late Friday night.  I was there until Monday night for other work, so I got a full week in San Diego, for about 2 hours of real work.  Which makes an expensive trip.

But I had fun – it was nice to get to know some of the people I work with better.

Things I did:
– Walked the 2 miles up to Balboa park and enjoyed some peace and quiet
– Went to an amusement park (definitely something to do again).
– Went on a long hike and nearly lost Steve up the long long hill (on the Fortuna Saddle Trail in the Mission Trails Regional Park).
– Ate at lots of great restaurants (and not just the Gaslamp Tavern – though I visited there a lot – Bob and Charlie seem to live there).
– Had breakfast nearly every day at the Brickyard Cafe (Sarah convinced me one morning to go to Lions Coffee and Steve another to Fields – which was the biggest breakfast I ever ate).
– Went to a dueling piano bar.
– Talked a lot (something I do when I drink).
– Toured Old Town.
– Actually met a useful security guard on a Navy Base (first time for everything).
– Actually did some work (I did really work at least parts of two of the days).

Quote of the trip (but not the story of the trip – that is Bob’s alone):

me: Ryan, I’m on my way to pick you up; Sarah and Michele decided to come along to see the base.

Ryan: What the f*&k, have they never seen a pier before.

Anyway, more stories later (I think).  Here are some pictures of the trip

Sarah and Steve on our hike
Hike in Mission Trails Park

The first part of the hike was down to the old Mission Dam.

Old Mission Dam
Old Mission Dam
Hike in Mission Trails Park

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