Home at last (and work of course)

Old Town
Old Town San Diego

I didn’t buy the hat.  One gets a little silly after walking around Old Town for an afternoon while the girls go shopping for dresses.  I was the driver so I couldn’t even drink.

At least I had my iPhone.  And the Mexico hat.  And I let them take a picture of me.

Well, I’m back home.  Finally.  It is good (and bad) to be back home.  I get to see the dogs.  Of course Tucker decided to pee on the bed last night.  He gets stressed whenever I travel.  Luckily I caught before it soaked the comforter.

It is also strange to have breakfast, lunch and dinner by myself.  For a whole week I almost never ate alone.  Maybe lunch once or twice.  I could get used to breakfast at the brickyard cafe.

I did find some cool toys (if you can call them toys – maybe miniature statues) in Old Town (see, it wasn’t really all dress shopping).  I got two little warrior figurines made out of welded nuts, bolts and various machine parts.  Now to make sure that Will and Ben don’t throw them at each other.

I finally got a canoe today.  A 17′ red canoe by Mohawk.  It is huge.  Big enough for a week long trip.  But it is light, only 65 lbs or so.  And it matches the Jeep.  Not that it is important.

I’ve also been looking at getting some sky lanterns for this summer.  I have an idea… hopefully I can find an evening without too much wind to let them float up.

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