Stories from the Road (part 2).

I’ve only had two glasses of wine tonight… I should wait.  I’m pretty sure I’m much funnier after more than two glasses of wine.  Or 3 or 4 margaritas.

Things I learned while on travel in San Diego:

– It is much more fun to be on shore than on the submarine (sorry Ryan).
– It is much more expensive to be on shore than on the submarine (you’re welcome, Ryan).
– If you are going to go to old town with the girls and chaperone them while dress shopping, make sure to not be the designated driver.
– It is not a difficult goal to complain less than C (again some names changed to protect the not so innocent) while chaperoning the girls dress shopping in old town – even if you are the designated driver.  An iPhone is good for that.
– To get to the Gaslamp Hilton from 5th street, you do NOT walk to the end of the street (thanks to the many times S pointed that out – and no I didn’t learn that while I was there).
– Do not argue with S if she is giving directions.  She is almost always right.  And if she is not, it still isn’t worth arguing.
– I talk a lot when I drink.  Ok.  Not a new lesson learned.
– B has the funniest stories (see part 1 of Stories from the road).
– Bumper cars are really for the 8 year old kids.
– The Gaslamp Strip Club is, well, a steak place.
– That C’s version of the golden rule is something like, “Don’t pee in the cup you drink from.”  I’m not sure where he went to Sunday school.
– If you think you should have Pi tattooed on your arm, you really did study too much math at college.
– The pack a day smoker doesn’t think it is as funny as the rest of us whenever you turn a corner on the trail and see another long up hill.  Then again, we only thought it was funny because of the smoker.
– I do not look good in a large sombrero with “Mexico” written on the brim.
– “Hanna” is a strange movie.
– San Diego is still cheaper than San Francisco.  And no, that story doesn’t need to be told.
– There is a store in Old Town that sells voodoo dolls.  Pretty cool.

I’m sure I have forgotten a few.  I’ll just have to blame it on being old and not having such a good memory.  Or just too many margaritas.  I will leave it to the kids to add anything I missed.

One thought on “Stories from the Road (part 2).

  1. Thanks to comments on facebook…
    – The highway exit numbers in southern CA are posted too close to the actual exit to be able to read them before you have to commit to either staying on the highway or exiting. Which sucks when google maps gives you exit numbers to take.
    – The Ultrastar Mission Valley Cinemas is impossible to find. If it even exists.
    – Don’t buy a glass at the piano bar. You will drink too much and forget to take it home.
    – If you want to meet a girl, just walk up and say “hi”. Don’t come up with some elaborate plan to force a social situation to meet her. Of course it is flattering that someone will do all that to just meet you. It is also creepy. For god sakes man, you see her everyday at work. Just say hi. Of course we are talking about engineers here.

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