What I’m reading tonight…

I finally finished Moon Wind at Large, Sailing Hither and Yon by Matthew Goldman aka Constant Waterman (Breakaway Books, Halcotssvile, New York, 2012). I have been spending too many evenings watching TV or playing on my iPhone and not enough time reading.

It is way to easy to put the book down and pick up something that will deliver entertainment to me. The iPhone or TV hands me the full experience. I don’t have to work for it. A good book (and even a not so good book) makes you work for the experience.

I have started reading “Fishing in Utopia:Sweden and the Future that Disappeared” by Andrew Brown (Granta Books, London, England). It was a wedding gift from Susanna’s friends, Anni and Fia. Digging though the bookshelves I have found a couple of other books that I haven’t finished, so I should be good for a couple of more weeks. Assuming I can stay away from the electronics.

Of course, I’m playing on my computer writing in this blog instead of reading right now. But in being human, a little hypocrisy is expected; but hopefully not too much tonight, so I’ll finish up this post and turn back into my reading.

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