Flying through the summer

What  Tucker thinks of the crazy summer....
What Tucker thinks of the crazy summer….

I spent some time last night looking back at my old blog posts. Reviewing posts from 2 and 3 years ago. What a fright. I hate reading my own words. In addition to the obvious fact that I frequently don’t proofread my posts, it is clear that I wasn’t too comfortable writing. Hopefully over time my writing will have improved. Or at least not gotten much worse.

I read a decent amount of blogs. Okay, I don’t actually read them all always. I guess I would say that I have a bunch of blogs in my blog reader, and at times I read some of them. After reviewing my old posts, I started wondering how better writers go about writing in their blogs. What are the mechanics of writing a blog entry? I see writers that were professional journalists write several well written articles a day. And, yes, I understand that it was/is their job to write. But what are the mechanics. Do they just sit down and write? Do they make an outline and then write? Do they write and then rewrite?

This has been a busy week. This whole summer has been busy. Not crazy and stressful like last summer. But busy. I kind of feel that the summer is a bit like a water slide. I jump on at the beginning of the summer and it is a rush to the end of the slide. I have loved each week this summer, but I am also looking forward to the fall.

Susanna and I decided that, for the most part, we would not put the boys in summer camp the weeks they are here. Their last week of the summer here is the exception with Ben going to basketball camp and Will going to Project Oceanology. That has meant three weeks of family fun; although the first week was wedding week and not just family fun (but it was lots of fun).

This past week has been no exception. The boys arrived Monday morning. It takes the boys a couple of hours to land after a transition. But in the afternoon I took the boys and Will’s friend sailing. Susanna worked that night. Tuesday was no less busy. I worked and Susanna hung out with the boys. We met for lunch and she took them to the aquarium for the afternoon.

Wednesday was my furlough day. We had planned on going to Six Flags, but Ben was feeling sick. I took Will and his friend, Tyler, to the north lake and spent the afternoon watching the boys play in the water. Thursday I again worked while Susanna hung out with the boys. We met for lunch and she took the boys to a movie in the afternoon. Furlough Friday we went to Six Flags to make up for Wednesday.

Yesterday the boys had friends over (Will had Tyler and Shane; Ben had Max). I tried to get some projects done in the workshop, but mostly wound up making swords and daggers out of wood for the boys. With five boys over it is a continuous line into the workshop. Each boy constantly wanting a better sword, or bow, or dagger made from wood. But I wouldn’t trade it for an empty project day. The weeks where the boys aren’t here are too quiet and I don’t get much more done around the house.

Today we are finishing up the week with a quiet morning. The boys both wrote about their weeks on their blogs and are unwinding this morning. Later we will clean the house and maybe go sailing this afternoon. Tomorrow I head back to work for a full work week.

Now I should go proofread my writing before posting to the blog.

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