Finished with 2013, looking ahead to 2014

One year done… another one to look forward to.  Last year was a good year. Maybe an 8 (out of 10). It was also a busy year. There are lots of things we did better in 2013 than in 2012. For example, last summer was much less chaotic than the summer before. We had a much better trip to Lucia. We missed a family vacation last summer, but had a wedding instead.

I made a list a year ago about what I wanted to accomplish this year. I didn’t do them all, but that is okay. A list is a place to start.  Here is the list from last year:

    • Get the sailboat in the water and go sailing (Done. We had a great summer with the sailboat.)
    • Build an island for the kitchen (Done. I could have made the top wider, but it is a great improvement over the table.)
    • Build two larger woodworking projects. (Done. I built the kitchen island and a nightstand for the boys. I also built a chicken coop, shelves for the garage, and a trellis for the garden.)
    • Get garage ready for the wedding this summer (Done. Though with a lot of help.)
    • Ride bike into work more often than last year. (Not done…. I’ll need to work more on that this year.)
    • Finish painting the outside of the house. (Done. But mostly by Susanna…. we have a little to touch up this summer though.)
    • Continue organizing the workshop. (Done)
    • Build a wooden hand plane. (Not done. Maybe this year…)
    • Go camping with the boys. (Not done…. but I went camping with Susanna)
    • (added very recently) – finish repairs to Will’s room. (Done)
    • and of course… get married to Susanna. (Done))

Now to look forward to 2014.  What do I want to accomplish this year. Of course, I have ADHD, so any list will likely change. Daily. But that is the fun of a list, it is a place to start and deviate from.

For the house:

    • Paint the garage
    • Fix 4 windows.
    • Replace the bathroom floor.
    • Focus on cleaning up the yard.

In the workshop:

    • Finish the nightstands for the boys. Build nightstands for our bedroom.  I’ll be pretty sick of nightstands by then.
    • Build a bed.
    • Finish the workshop floor, and repair/replace the doors.
    • Add better heat before next winter.

With the family:

    • Take the sailboat out for an overnight trip.
    • Go camping.
    • Buy a new car.
    • Print books from Will and Ben’s blogs.

Personal Goals:

    • Exercise more
    • Keep writing in the blog

And, overall, have fun!!!

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