A blogging milestone (100K words written)

I started regularly blogging three years ago. Yes I know, I actually started this blog in November of 2010; but, I didn’t post anything between November 2010 and March 2011.  I have written 340+ posts in that time, and recently just passed 100,000 written words

It is fun to go back and look at what I have written over the past couple of years. It is nice to see that my posts have gotten no more interesting nor have they stopped jumping around on random topics. But that is ADHD for you.  Even though I can’t focus on writing on just one or two topics, I have been able to keep posting in the blog. Even if only one or two people actually read it.

Over the next three years, I will try to write another 100,000 words. I’ll try to post more pictures. I’ll continue to not try to focus on writing on one subject. That would be too boring anyway.

Will playing cards at the table
Will playing cards at the table

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