A Review of 2015

So… How did I do with my 2015 goals that I posted last January? Let’s see how much ADHD and life came in the way of finishing my first list of the year.

Here is what I wrote last January with my how I did:
For the house:

    • Paint the garage (Susanna finished it this year)
    • Fix 4 windows. (Susanna repaired 3, with two more to go in within a week or so)
    • Replace the bathroom floor. (I replaced the part of the floor that I had intended)
    • Focus on cleaning up the yard. (Not so much as I had intended)

In the workshop:

    • Finish the nightstands for the boys. Build nightstands for our bedroom.  I’ll be pretty sick of nightstands by then. (I finished the boys’ nightstands but didn’t make ones for our room)
    • Build a bed. (Not done)
    • Finish the workshop floor, and repair/replace the doors. (Partially done – floor is finished)
    • Add better heat before next winter. (Not Done)

With the family:

    • Take the sailboat out for an overnight trip. (Done)
    • Go camping. (If you count camping in the sailboat – more than once)
    • Buy a new car. (Done)
    • Print books from Will and Ben’s blogs. (Done)

Personal Goals:

    • Exercise more (Not done enough…)
    • Keep writing in the blog (Done)

Overall I had a pretty good year. I didn’t do all the things on my list – but that is okay, a list is just a place to start and is always changing. Instead of a bed, I built a toy box. Instead of camping, we spent several nights on the boat. I sailed to Block Island which was a very long trip.  We redid the mud room (mostly)and the hall ceiling – I hadn’t planned on a major project this year.

I did pretty good with managing unfinished projects. I did start building a boat, but life got in the way, and I gave up on the project. But I think that is fine – as long as I am finishing most projects. At the end of the year, I have a couple of unfinished projects. I’m working on cleaning and organizing the basement, and it is half-done. I also need to finish the mud room and the toy boxes. I’m sure if I asked Susanna or the boys they would be able to point out a couple of more unfinished projects – but what fun is life is one doesn’t have way too much going on.

Not to think about what I want to do in 2015…. But that will be another post.

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