Plans for 2015

We hosted a New Year’s Eve party here – the first real party here since our wedding reception. Thankfully the New Year’s Eve party needed less preparation than the wedding reception. Of course, (mostly) due to Susanna’s work, the party was a success. I think all had fun. Even Will, who was grumpy the two days leading up to the party, wound up having fun at the end.

Of course, what does this have to do with my resolutions/plans for 2015? Well, one of the games at the party was an ice-breaker where we introduced someone else at the party to the group. One of the questions we needed to ask the person we were introducing was what he/she was making for a new year’s resolution. The questions were posted on the wall at least 24 hours prior to the party, so maybe I shouldn’t have been caught off-guard when I was asked what my resolutions were. But I was. I didn’t have an answer. So after a few beers some reflection I have come up with the following goals for 2015:

In the workshop:

  1. Build at least one piece of furniture
  2. Finish the toy boxes
  3. Improve insulation and replace the front door to the shop.
  4. Finish one wall and improve organization.
  5. Replace the bulkhead walls on the sailboat.

For the house:

  1. Finish the mud room/laundry room
  2. Build cubbies for the mud room.
  3. Add switches and outlets to the master bedroom.
  4. Reorganize and clean the basement.
  5. Finish re-plumbing the house with PEX.
  6. Add grape vines and blueberry bushes to the back yard and clean up the netting for the berries.

With the family:

  1. Go on vacation to Mexico.
  2. Go to Sweden for Sofia’s wedding.
  3. Road trip to St. Louis to visit family.
  4. Get out overnight on the sailboat.
  5. Do more hikes/bike rides with the family.
  6. Spend less time playing on electronics and more time enjoying life.

Personal Goals:

  1. Exercise more.
  2. If the opportunity opens up, sail to Block Island again.
  3. Keep finishing projects (Damn you ADHD).
  4. Another year of blogging.
  5. Print blog books for both boys and for myself.

And most of all have fun!

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