The next project

Susanna and I decided to have a low key evening, watching episodes of House, M.D.  I did get the last coat sprayed on the Ben’s shelves.  Okay, I really hope it is the last coat – I know I keep saying that.  I think I had the spray gun set to spray too much.  The next project I’ll try it on a lower setting.

I had started to draw out the next project.  Or rather the next tentative project.  I’m never 100% sure of the next project until I actually start it.  I am currently planning a desk (library table?) for the study.  It will be simple – the low height to support typing won’t allow drawers.  I am planning to make it out of red oak and will try to find a way to make the wood dark .  Tonight I put the project into SketchUp.  Here is the first look at the drawing.  Please feel free to comment and critique.  I’m not sure the legs fit right (they seem a bit heavy).   Click on the pictures for a larger image.

SketchUp Model of desk/table for the Study
Front view of the desk


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