Reflections on 2015

A year ago I sat down and put down some goals for the year. Of course I didn’t revisit them very often during the year – so some were replaced with other projects/goals. How did I do?

For the workshop:

1.Build at least one piece of furniture

I built a charging station, toolboxes and a bunch of smaller projects. However, I didn’t tackle any furniture this year – nothing seemed pressing to build.

2.Finish the toy boxes

I got the three boxes built and delivered. I was going to replace the roof on two of them, but I didn’t get around to it.

3. Improve insulation and replace the front door to the shop.

This is still on my list… maybe it would be easier if I just got a prehung exterior door to finish the project.

4. Finish one wall and improve organization.

I have improved the organization and rearranged the shop. I haven’t yet completely finished a wall – my original plans had to change when the guy I used to get pine from stopped cutting lumber – so now I’m thinking of using plywood.

5. Replace the bulkhead walls on the sailboat.

I didn’t get a chance to do the bulkhead before putting the boat on the water, and I sold the boat after the season, so this didn’t get done.

For the house:

1. Finish the mud room/laundry room


2. Build cubbies for the mud room.

We decided to not build the cubbies.  It is still on my list to build someday.

3. Add switches and outlets to the master bedroom.

I did this, we even switched bedrooms with Will.

4. Reorganize and clean the basement.

Not done.

5. Finish re-plumbing the house with PEX.

I added some PEX, but didn’t completely re-plumb the house.

6. Add grape vines and blueberry bushes to the back yard and clean up the netting for the berries.

We added some grapes, but no more blueberries. We didn’t do netting this summer, so that is still on my list.

With the family:

1. Go on vacation to Mexico.

Done! And we had a great time.

2. Go to Sweden for Sofia’s wedding.

Done! It was a great trip and a perfect wedding.

3. Road trip to St. Louis to visit family.

Done! A great family trip.

4. Get out overnight on the sailboat.

Done! However I didn’t get out sailing as much as I thought last year, and we decided to sell the boat with a baby coming and probably limited time for sailing for the next couple of years.

Do more hikes/bike rides with the family.

Done! We did lots of rides with the boys and walks, but not too much hiking.

Spend less time playing on electronics and more time enjoying life.

Hmm… I’ll have to ask Susanna on this one.

Personal Goals:

1. Exercise more.

I think I was more active this year than last year, but of course I can still improve.

2. If the opportunity opens up, sail to Block Island again.

It didn’t work out for this year – maybe next year on someone else’s boat.

3. Keep finishing projects (Damn you ADHD).

I don’t think I did too bad at this – of course it is still a struggle. Starting projects is way more fun than finishing them.

4. Another year of blogging.

I struggled at this a bit this year. I think I had a lot going on, and it is difficult for me to keep writing when too much is going on.

5. Print blog books for both boys and for myself.

I didn’t get around to this yet.

I think that overall this was a pretty good year. A lot of plans changed when we found out Susanna was pregnant last summer. We added a house project (renovating the nursery) and work got busy in the fall. I think I did better with the family goals (family and house) and not as good with my personal goals (workshop and personal).

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