A wild and crazy weekend (almost… ok, not quite)

A weekend without the boys.   They went over to their mother’s house on Saturday morning.  What to do?  Maybe a weekend full of parties, drinking, and other adult entertainments?  Or a night out dancing?  So, to make full use of the free weekend, Susanna went to NYC to volunteer at the Swedish Church, and I took a saw sharpening class (taught by none other than Matt Cianci of the Saw Blog).  Yes, I am a dork (hey, someone had to be on the math team in high school).

I spent Saturday morning putting an iPod adapter into the new (to me) car.  Then drove to Rhode Island for 5 1/2 hours of saw sharpening.  There were four of us in the class, and we got through sharpening a single rip saw- it was a lot more work than I had expected.  I’m still working on a crosscut saw I started on Sunday.  It would help to have a better saw vice.  But at least I have one sharp rip saw.  Not that I really want to rip lumber by hand (that is why I have a table saw).

I don’t exactly remember, but I’m sure that we decided to go out and be crazy on Saturday night after Susanna made it back from the city.  Oh, no, wait, I must be thinking of someone else.  We hung out and watched some TV and went to bed early.  I had to get up early to clean up the workshop so Mark could come over and make some sawdust and construct a cribbage board/box.  On a bright note (pun intended) – I did get one of my 400 watt low-bay lights installed on the second floor of the barn.  It is brighter than the sun.  I have a second light.  I’m afraid to hook it up.  Not sure the circuit breaker can handle it.  I also don’t need to wear sunglasses in the workshop at night

Susanna and I finally did take some time to ourselves that afternoon.  We took a nice drive down to Niantic, had lunch at Skippers Seafood.  We enjoyed the unseasonably mild weather by walking at the beach, followed by a nice drive up to Middletown and back – exploring a couple of the smaller stores on the way.

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