A good start to 2012

I started out the year by catching the cold that Ben has been fighting for the past week. A fine way to start a new year.

What are my goals for the new year?

I want to be better at finishing projects. I left a couple of projects unfinished at the end of 2011 – It is easier to start projects than finish them.

I want to build at least 6 pieces of furniture. Right now I’m planning a bookshelf and desk for the study. I’ll have to see what else pops up on the list as the year goes on.

Some other things I want to do this year (in no particular order): Go camping at least 3 times, take the boys to Six Flags, paint the house (yes big house project), take lots of hikes with Susanna and the dogs, bicycle into work more than I did this year.

I did start the year by finishing one of the projects left over from last year. I painted and installed the storm window in Ben’s room. So finally the scaffolding is down and the last storm window in the dining room installed. I also put primer on crown molding for the living room. I probably would have gotten more finished if I wasn’t fighting a cold.

I’ll post pictures later this week.

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