Steam, finally

We had a new boiler put in this week. I’m very thankful that the weather wasn’t too cold – there was no heat for two days (okay, really for one night). The heating company did give us portable heaters, and hook up a temporary hot water heater, so we weren’t totally left in the cold. The new system was on-line yesterday evening, and today they finished flushing the system and adding new air valves to the radiators.

It should be a major improvement. The installer said I would probably get a 40% savings on oil from the new system (I’ll have to wait to see on that one), and we won’t have problems with hot water. The old boiler also had a hot-water on demand system, but it couldn’t heat water up fast enough for the normal usage in the house (it worked for a shower, but not if anyone else used any hot water). The new one is working much better (we tried it last night). The other big change is that it is power-vented out the basement window. I can now have the chimney taken down, which greatly eases the next renovations in the house (putting a bathroom on the second floor and redoing the kitchen). The chimney went in the middle of one of the upstairs bedrooms and in the wall between the kitchen and pantry.

I probably will wait until later this summer to have the chimney taken down to below the roof line (I’ll take it down the rest of the way as needed for renovations).
My dad visited for the weekend and helped me finish one more of the outstanding projects. We installed the crown molding in the living room. I painted the trim on Monday evening. Tonight I’ll touch up the wall paint were the tape pulled a couple of (small) sections off.

So, for once, I don’t think I have any ongoing projects. All the house projects are done, and I don’t have anything in the workshop. Maybe I’ll go with Will on Saturday to the lumber yard, and we can get plywood for the bookshelves.

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  1. Oh yes you do have an more unfinished project! Joint compound next to the clock in the living rooms needs to be sanded down and painted over. But great job on all projects this year!

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