Attempting to repair an GE Adora Series Dishwasher (Part 2)

I attempted a homemade repair to the dishwasher back in February. It lasted a few months and then started leaking again. This time I ordered the new diverter valve ($60) and Ben and I installed the part this morning. It seems to be working for now; however, some of the reviews state that the repair part only lasts a year or so before it starts leaking again. So maybe next summer I’ll be replacing it again.

Failed diverter valve.

2 thoughts on “Attempting to repair an GE Adora Series Dishwasher (Part 2)

    1. Yes. Two root causes. First, crappy design (see my first post on why to not buy this make/model). The rubber fitting that failed is on the output of the circulating pump and the rubber material it is made from isn’t hard/strong enough for the location. Second, poor craftsmanship on the first repair (i.e. I should have just replaced the part).

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