Saturday Morning Hike

This morning Will, Izzy and I took Hoagie on a short (2-mile) hike in Groton at the Candlewood Ridge property. It was cold and damp, but at least not raining today. We all needed to get out of the house for a bit. The Candlewood Ridge property is very flat and a very easy hike, but a little more crowded than some of the hikes farther inland.

After our hike we headed to Lee’s Toy and Hobby to window shop. Will and I are looking at model trains, and Izzy is looking at everything and anything; we are talking about trying to setup a train in the basement. I’ve been trying to get out walking more and dragging the rest of the family as often as they are willing.

Hoagie enjoying our rest stop on the trail in the Sand Plain at the junction of the red and blue trails.
Candlewood Ridge Trail Map. We hiked from the southern parking lot and did the short red loop off of the blue trail.

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