Paddling Long Pond

The afternoon temperatures in Connecticut crept into the lower 90s today. The heat with little breeze and high humidity made for an overall unpleasant day to be outside. At least outside not in the water. We loaded up the car and took the paddle boards to Long Pond. Susanna, Izzy and Hoagie joined me for the afternoon.

The lake was surprisingly warm, with little traffic and an empty launch and parking lot. It was probably the nicest lake we have visited since getting the boards. Then again, we haven’t had the boards for a full season yet.

We all enjoyed the swim, or at least all the humans enjoyed the swim. Hoagie’s dip wasn’t voluntary, but was needed to cool him off.

Hoagie, Me, Isabella.

Hoagie (and a few of Izzy’s toys that came along for the trip).
Izzy swimming in the distance.

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