And finally, Spring (and spring projects)

Okay, I know I have been posting a lot here recently.  The good thing is no one is forced to read it (ok, except Susanna).  And my life isn’t really that exciting (posting three times in one day is a good sign of how unexciting my life is).  In reality, I am am inspired by the booklet I printed from this blog earlier this year.  It is a scrapbook of sorts of what I did for 2011.  And since I don’t have the patience to sit down once a year and make a scrapbook (or the memory to remember everything I did) – I will turn this into my scrapbook.

Will and Ben were reading though the stories I wrote last year – it reinforces my belief that they should write their own blogs – they are fun to reflect on.  I have been encouraging Will and Ben to post once or twice a week.

Hmm.. this really doesn’t have much to do with spring… or spring projects yet.

Workshop step/landing completed

I did complete the two projects I had planned for the day.  I finished the footing this morning, and this afternoon I finished the step/landing in front of the workshop.  It turned out pretty nice, and will hopefully keep shoes from getting muddy when going to the workshop.  I only had to do one extra trip to Home Depot (to get more sand).  The lumber was picked up off Craigslist a couple of weeks ago (with the wood I used for the lumber storage rack), and the pavers were left over from the patio.

As you can see from the first picture, I wasn’t the only busy person today.  Susanna cleaned out the garage (or at least the bay with the kids toys/bikes) and got the patio furniture out and set up.  It was nice to take a break and sit out on the patio for the first time this year.  Now she is filling up the bookshelves I finished this morning…  It’s nice to not store all our books on the floor.

The weather should be nice this week – though still a little cool in the evening to eat dinner on the patio.  I did clean off the bicycle – ready to ride into work tomorrow if it isn’t too cold.

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