Quotes from Will and Ben

From their blogs:

  • Will: “Last night strange things happened. Water got on the stairs and no one did it. I locked my self in the bathroom and didn’t remember doing it (my dad told me but I don’t believe him)….” (25 March)
  • Ben: “We forgot are dog’s name so we called are dog Thomas Jefferson we have a boat when my dog was on the ramp I pushed him off the ramp and he said I am flying he said then Boom! He hit his head OW! That hurt he Said.” (24 March)
  • Will: “I finished a fort(that is made into….) (….a bush on…)…(…on a hill) and named it Fort de namesha. I so want to relax.” (23 March)
  • Ben: “my brother and i made up a new fort called fort de namesha we have two secret exits and my brother and i made are secret exit that has thorns so if they follow my brother and i  they’ll get stuck because my bother and i are small so my brother and i can slip right past the thorns.” (24 March)

It is pretty funny to go back and read over what they write.

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