A busy, long weekend

The boys meeting the baby goats (kids) at Beltane Farm

I took Thursday afternoon and Friday off of work. and the weather was beautiful this weekend, so I had a chance to get a lot done.

I was able to complete a lot of house projects this weekend:

  1. I installed the new support post in the workshop.
  2. I installed shelves in the second floor of the workshop.
  3. I cleaned the second floor of the workshop.
  4. I removed shelves on the first floor of the workshop – and cleared out the right side of the shop (where I’m going to add a new set of stairs to the second floor).
  5. I finished a new set of shelves on the first floor of the workshop (they turned out pretty nice – cut from two 2×6 boards, with dadoes for the shelves).  They fit between the window and the dust collector.
  6. I’m sure I did more… but the weekend seems so far in the past… and it is only Monday.

The workshop is making real progress.  I can walk around the center island on both sides, and I have all the major equipment where I think it will wind up.

Saturday was a busy day.  In the morning, the boys and I drove to Beltane Farm in Lebanon CT to get some goat milk and cheese.  I thought we would try something different as I work with Ben on trying to discover foods that don’t bother his allergies (cow and goat milk seems to bother him – but yogurt doesn’t seem to).  If you think gasoline is expensive, you should try goat milk.  The boys were patient while I purchased the milk and cheese, but totally fell in love with the baby goats.  They agreed that they should get a farm when they grow up – and discussed if they were going to get a horse or goat first (I think they agreed they would share a farm, and Will would get the horse first and Ben get a goat first).  I would work for them and do the garden and make the stables for them.  Susanna would work as a preschool teacher.  They figured that having a goat would be easier than planting a garden…

Saturday afternoon the boys went to a birthday party… they spent over 4 hours at the party.  I wound up having the afternoon free to clean out the workshop (which is why I got so much done).

This week I plan on replacing the support post under the workshop that is closest to the road.  After that post is replaced, I will make an attempt to straighten the barn (on side now leans towards the road).  After straightening the barn, the next step is building a new set of stairs to the second floor (with a wall/door so I can more easily heat the barn in the winter).

Sunday night was date night.  Out for Indian food and a movie (“The Hunger Games”).   The movie was good, but I shouldn’t have believed Mark when he told me that the lead actress, Jennifer Lawrence, is the same one that played Susan in the Narnia movies (Anna Popplewell – thanks to IMDb).  Oh well, but not really disappointing at all.

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