A bumpy start

Will taking a water break at soccer camp.

Will has soccer camp at 9 on Saturday mornings. That means getting going a little earlier than we are used to on Saturdays. Waking up is never the problem – even when the boys sleep in they are up by 7 (a normal morning is up at 6).

We were having a great morning until Will decided he wanted to go to the toy store and buy some plastic toy after soccer camp. It is frustrating when the media and popular culture teach our children to want want want. Our kids get way too much pressure to consume and consume. Toys are cheap and disposable. Our kids cry when they aren’t allowed to go buy junk – but if they are – they cry when they have no money left when they find something they really want.

Why spend money on a cheap plastic toy gun when you can head into the workshop and make one from scrap wood (that would have gone in the fire pit anyway – and just decomposes when lost in the woods)?

Oh well, just venting. I can’t change society – just do the best I can with Will and Ben.

Anyway, I hope 90 minutes of soccer will allow him to focus on things other than acquiring new toys.

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