Saturday Night Out (and Sweden wins 2012 Eurovision)

It is a rare weekend night that I am home and the boys aren’t here.  Even rarer now to have that and Susanna not working.  Last night was one of those rare nights.  In addition Loreen from Sweden won the 2012 Eurovision contest.  I think they hadn’t won it since 1918 or something like that. Sorry, not 1918, I’m thinking of something else; Sweden hadn’t won Eurovision since 1999.  Understandably, Susanna was pretty excited.  Also, understandably, as hard as I may try, I’m just not as excited as Susanna about it.

Anyway to celebrate the Eurovision win (for Susanna) and to celebrate a night we can actually go out (for me), we dressed up and went to Foxwoods Casino for dinner and drinks.  We enjoyed mexican (food and drinks), and I actually won $20 on the slots (yeah, slots, like lottery, tax on people bad at statistics – but it is fun sometimes just to put in $20 and see what happens – and going to a movie would cost just as much).

We came home to enjoy the humid evening on the patio.  We even dug out some of the sky lanterns we had left from last summer and lit two of them – watching them drift away into the night sky.  I think we will save the remainder until the boys are back (and for when Susanna’s sisters visit this summer).

Speaking of visits, it looks like both of Susanna’s sisters may be here at the same time.  That will be a change, from a household that has more males than females in it to just the opposite.  If anyone wants to find me that week, I’ll be locked in my workshop.   I have beer and water in there.  I just need to find a urinal and install it – I’ll be all set for a couple of days at least.

Enough random musings for this morning.  Time to drink my coffee and get moving on my day.

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