The most usless tool ever (Chisel/Rasp combination)

The chisel-rasp combination.

I can’t believe I actually purchased these.  It is completely useless crap.  It functions neither as a proper chisel or a proper rasp.  Please don’t ever purchase one of these.  I’ll give you mine.  No wait, I won’t even do that.  I’m throwing them away.  They have been sitting in a toolbox for a couple of years now just waiting for me to throw them away.

What is wrong with them?  They can’t be used as a proper chisel (the rasp portion is in the way of close cuts).  They can’t be used as a rasp (you need to hold both ends of a rasp, the second end on this one is the sharp end of the chisel).  Maybe you can open cans of paint with them.  But mainly they will sit in your toolbox until you get frustrated enough to throw them away. 

I’m guessing whoever designed them had never worked with either tool before.  And the idiot in marketing that thought they should sell them…  The set is about $20 at Amazon.  Don’t purchase them.

This weekend I’ll spend some time cleaning out the workshop and getting rid of other tools that I don’t need or that don’t work.

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