An unpleasant start to Sunday

Today started out with my normal routine. The boys slept in, but the dogs wanted to go out at 6:45. I put them out and went back upstairs to lay down for a little longer before starting the morning.

Then came the smell. Skunk. A faint odor at first, then stronger. After a couple of choice words, I went down to check on the dogs. Targa had been hit. Tucker was still running around, but I couldn’t imagine him escaping.

I put Targa on a leash and hosed him off (with some soap) while Susanna chased Tucker around the yard to catch him.

The spray seems to be limited to both dogs noses. And Targa’s mouth. No eyes thankfully.

Susanna is off to the store to get special shampoo for the dogs. The house smells like skunk; we are waiting for a good breeze to blow the lingering skunk smell away.

In all, a not so good start to the day.

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