Winding down a crazy busy day (hopefully)

Running the house always seems a little more hectic and crazy when Susanna is away.  Who am I kidding… it seems a lot more hectic and crazy.  Today was one busy day. And it started early.  The dogs were up at 6am.  Will wasn’t far behind.  Thankfully Ben slept in.

The morning didn’t start out too crazy.  We didn’t have any early morning plans, and a 6am wakeup always makes the first part of the morning seem more relaxed.  After breakfast we started and finished our “magic tree house” ladder.   It is now hanging in a tree in the side yard.  No tree house yet (don’t worry, Ben already asked if we could put one up in tha tree).  Next was the beach.  Okay, submarine base lake beach.  But still kind of beachy.  Lunch at McDonald’s,  then picked up Will’s best friend, Tyler, on the way home.

I worked a bit on the boat ladder, then we headed out to pick up a pool cover (thanks to freecycle).  On the way back we stopped by Will’s other best friend’s house (Shane).  He wasn’t there, but we made plans to have Shane spend the night.  Then we picked up Ben’s friend, Anthony, on the way home….

The boys played… keeping cool in the sprinkler.  I did more chores (weeding the garden and cleaning up the house a little bit).  Dinner was hot dogs and hamburgers.  Shane arrived in the middle of dinner.  So did the girl from across the street, Amanda.

More chores – cleaning up dinner while the boys (and one girl) played in the back yard.  Amanda only got stuck in a thorn bush once – so it was a success.

Anthony home.  Then Amanda home.  Then trying to calm down a bunch of boys and get them ready for bed.   And more trying to get them to calm down.  I’m still working on it.  It’ll soon be time to make Will leave his room and calm down in my room.  Or maybe I should just turn up the AC in my room, go to bed early, and let them get to sleep when they get to sleep.

Only 4 more days until Susanna is home.  Then maybe we can find some sanity here…

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