Time Zones Suck (and other random thoughts)

We took a short break to observe the ArizonaMemorial on our short run on Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

I would like to think the reason that I’m awake late on a Saturday night (ok, early on a Sunday morning) is that Susanna and I are out enjoying a rare weekend night where the boys are with their mom. That isn’t the case.  I’m sure if it were, I would have better things to do other than write on my blog.  Heck, even on a slow night like this, I have better things to do than write on my blog.  Like sleep. This is one of the joys of shifting one’s body 6 time-zones. My sleep schedule is all screwed up.

One would think that flying back to the east coast after a week in Hawaii would cause me to stay up late and sleep in late (i.e. stay on Hawaii time). A red-eye flight from Honolulu to Dulles last night allowed me to get a full nights sleep and wake up at a reasonable east coast time. But it is rough sleeping on a plane, so I’m never fully rested. Second, my week in Hawaii was spent underwater on a submarine, which never helps one get on a fixed time-zone. So here I am boring all three of my blog’s readers with my musings on my sleep patterns. Yes, I know, I found something more lame than woodworking to write about. Well done.

I have started running again. I’ll see how far that goes. I have slowly built myself up to 5k runs – and my knees feel it. Hopefully I can lose a couple of pounds which will make the runs easier on my legs.

I also ordered lumber online for the first time. I had ordered some small pieces from eBay in the past, but never the wood for a full project. I am planning on building several cutting boards (drunken cutting boards) with some of the guys I work with. The plan is to use purpleheart and maple squares, with cherry accents.  I’ll post pictures of the build here. I ordered the material from Bell Forest Products the week before I left for Hawaii.  The package arrived while I was gone, and I opened the boxes this evening. The lumber looks great. There wood is clear and straight.  The iPhone pictures don’t do the wood justice (thought the purpleheart isn’t quite purple yet – it will age to purple in the sunlight).

Purpleheart and maplefor cutting boards.

Now time to head back to bed. I’m sure I’ll have to reclaim my place and move Tucker to the foot of the bed.

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