Vacation Day at the Spa

Today Susanna and I took a day for ourselves. My Christmas present from her was a gift certificate at the Spa at Norwich Inn – not too far down the road from us. We headed out the door shortly after the boys left for school.

Our first appointment was a yoga class (and not I am not very flexible at all… I would probably benefit from some more yoga) followed by swimming and enjoying the hot tub/sauna/steam rooms. After a wonderful lunch at the restaurant upstairs, we had an afternoon massage session, followed by more time in the hot tub/sauna/steam room.

We finished up around 5pm, with plenty of time in the day to enjoy the cold Connecticut weather.

What a perfect way to start the week! It also means a short 4 day work week.

Soccer Sunday

This morning, Ben had a soccer game for one of the two leagues he plays on. Susanna isn’t feeling well tonight, so I figured I would try my hand at making a very short video of Ben playing.  It is at least a little more creative than watching TV. The video was made on my iPhone, and edited on OpenShot.

Ben was the goalie for the first half, and then a forward for part of the second half of the game.



Wrapping up a project…

I finished touching up the paint in the front hallway. The hall has been cleaned (though the walls could use another wiping down after the paint fully cures). I think we can call the project finished!

Final view of the new hall ceiling and ceiling light.
Final view of the new hall ceiling and ceiling light.

The usefulness of writing things down (even if only in this blog)

the ceiling with trim installed (and first coat of paint). Yes, I know, the walls need to be washed. And touched up.
the ceiling with trim installed (and first coat of paint). Yes, I know, the walls need to be washed. And touched up.

Over the past few years I have been trying to write down what paint color we use when we are painting rooms (or the outside of the house). It finally paid off. When painting the trim around the ceiling in the hallway, I went to the basement to search for the trim paint, “I’m sure I have some of that left over around here somewhere…”

Of course, none could be found. So a reasonably quick Google search of this blog digs up “Classic Ivory” trim paint. Voilà. A quick trip to Sherwin-Williams and we have matching trim paint.

So, I figure I’ll record paint colors (as best as I know them) for the house:

New hall light.
New hall light from House of Antique Hardware.


  • Walls: Concord Buff (SW 7684)
  • Trim: Rookwood Dark Green (SW 2816; satin)
  • Accent: Rookwood Dark Brown (SW 2808; satin)

All interior trim is Classic Ivory (SW 0051, semi-gloss) except where noted. Ceilings are white (Sherwin-Williams ceiling paint)

  • Living Room: Mulberry Silk (SW 0001; satin)
  • Kitchen:  Copper Pot (SW 7709; satin), Empire Gold (SW 0012; satin).
  • Hallway: Majolica Green(SW 0013 -maybe )
  • Dining Room: Custom paint from Home Depot to match an unknown Sherwin-Williams paint selection (note to self, next time just go to Sherwin-Williams). Anyway, I’m not super happy with the paint colors I picked for the dining room – it would have turned out much better if I had gotten Susanna’s input before choosing a color (but she was in Sweden, and I needed to paint the room).
  • Study:   Unknown; Trim: Not repainted
  • Will’s Bedroom: Down Pour (SW 6516, satin) and Empire Gold (SW 0012; satin) – we used left over paint from the kitchen.
  • Ben’s Bedroom: Paint from Home Depot (Glidden Freshaire Choice): Northern Pear Tree and Roof Top Garden
  • Master Bedroom: Lantern Light (SW 6687)

One of the things I love about Sherwin-Williams is that all of their colors are on the Internet. And if I can’t find the colors there – they have a record of my previous paint purchases. I have been very happy with the quality of the paint and the service and will not buy paint from anywhere else.