House projects completed

I’m nearly complete with the house projects for the VA loan refinance.   Well, hopefully done.  I have the inspection tonight to ensure I completed all the deficiencies.  Projects done for the refinance:

1. Repaint the dining room.
2. Touch up trim in the kitchen and living room
3. Add hand rails and knee rail to the basement stairs
4. Add hand rail and top rail to the garage stairs (to the second floor)
5. Paint the garage
6. Add hand rail and knee rail to the stairs in the workshop
7. Paint trim on the workshop
8. Scrape and paint the front porch
9. Install hand rail on both sides of steps off the front porch (I paid for that to be done)
10. Install hand rail down stone stairs in front yard (I paid for that to be done)
11.  Install hand rail on open side of back stairs (again paid to be done)
12. Finish hand rail down front stairs (it was scraped, it needed to be finished).  I also still have to add the two balusters – they are in the basement waiting for the paint to dry.  I’ll do that when I get home tonight before the inspection.

Now pictures of what was done:

Newly installed railing for back stairs
New railings on front stairs and painted porch.









I will repaint the foundation one of these days to the proper shade of green.

The barn with the new white paint.

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