First house project (of necessity) for 2013

Will's wall with the plaster removed

Susanna and I were hanging out in the living room last weekend when we hear a crash from the other room.  We didn’t see anything in the kitchen, so assumed it was a cat knocking something over in the basement. Of course, by the next day we had forgotten all about it.

The boys came home yesterday, and Will brought up his stuff to his room. As soon as he opened the door, he yelled, “hey, what happened in here.”  Apparently the crash wasn’t the cats in the basement.  A section of the old plaster in the ceiling had fallen down creating a mess on his bedroom floor.  Maybe aided by too much door slamming… but who knows.

This morning, Susanna spent some time pulling down the plaster on that section of wall. Tomorrow I’ll remove the lath, add an outlet or two and insulation. With help from Susanna, I’m hopeful that we can have that section of wall finished by the end of next week.

In the meantime, Will has moved to the guest room… It is good to have an extra bedroom available.

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