2012 in Review

So, in January I wrote about my goals for 2012. How did I do?

I said I wanted to build 6 pieces of furniture.  How did I do:

  • I built a bookshelf for the study
  • I built a piano bench
  • I built saw benches with the boys.
  • I helped Mark, Nick and Ben build drunken cutting boards, though never finished my boards (goal for 2013).
  • Built a “magic treehouse” style ladder with the boys.
  • I made cutting boards with the boys (and for our kitchen).
  • I built Jenga blocks and boxes.
  • I built a hand-plan storage shelf and tool support shelves in the workshop.’
  • I built a coin-holder for a friend at work.
  • I built shelves for the kitchen (where the stock cabinets wouldn’t fit).

Another goal was to finish painting the house.  That was not completed, but Susanna took over that chore for me, and made good progress on the painting.   But it was a busy year with the house and workshop:

  • I reorganized and built new stairs to the second floor of the workshop.
  • Susanna and I changed the layout of the kitchen and added a laundry room (the laundry room and mud room still need to be renovated, but that wasn’t on the list for this year).
  • Susanna and I installed new cabinets in the kitchen.
  • Painted part of the house (though that was mostly Susanna, Sofia, Rebecka and Linda).
  • Electricity to the garage.
  • Installed trim around the garage door.
  • Grew a garden (though not a very good one).
  • I moved the sailboat out of the garage, but didn’t get it in the water.

I had a pretty busy personal life. Susanna and I got engaged. We had Susanna’s sisters (and Linda) visit us for a month this summer. We did visit Six Flags a bunch of times. The boys and I drove to Pennsylvania for a family vacation with my dad and brother. But, we didn’t get out camping at all this year (I want to change that next year).

Another goal was to ride my bike into work more often. I probably rode more often than the year before, but not enough.

I said that I wanted to do lots of walks with Susanna and the dogs, which we did.

I said I wanted to be better at finishing projects. I have been better at not starting project until I finish old projects. I think that was my big goal for the year (to not have as many unfinished projects hanging out). One of the characteristics of ADHD is that it fun and exciting (and easy to concentrate on) when starting a new project. However, new things get old, and it is difficult to find the energy to focus on and complete longer projects. Ben’s room was the perfect example. It took lots of assistance from my dad and Susanna (and several years) to finish.

As I write this, I feel that I only have a few unfinished projects hanging over my head. I have an uncompleted kitchen island in the workshop – I suspect I won’t be finished with the island by Tuesday. I have small repair projects to complete around the house, but nothing major – they may be finished by the end of the year.  The workshop needs work, but I suspect that will be an ongoing project.  The kitchen needs a little touch-up paint, but Susanna is working on that, so it isn’t in my list of things to finish. I plan on keeping focus on finishing things for the upcoming year, it is nice to look back on the things that one has finished.

Also, this is my 200th post in this blog – a nice milestone to reach.

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