Looking ahead to 2013

So, I didn’t meet all my goals for 2012. Let’s see how I do for 2013. I think I should print these out somewhere I can look at them regularly and remind myself of my goals. So here they are (in no particular order):

  • Get the sailboat in the water and go sailing
  • Build an island for the kitchen
  • Build two larger woodworking projects
  • Get garage ready for the wedding this summer
  • Ride bike into work more often than last year
  • Finish painting the outside of the house
  • Continue organizing the workshop
  • Build a wooden hand plane
  • Go camping with the boys
  • (added very recently) – finish repairs to Will’s room
  • and of course… get married to Susanna

Of course (most of) that list is subject to change. In general my overall goal is to still work on finishing projects that I start.

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