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Throughout my life I have, periodically, attempted to keep a journal. The attempts rarely last very long, and the entries are very sporadic. The few journals I have are interesting to go back and look at; they help me reflect on what I have done over the years. I wish I had been more consistent with keeping a journal. That is where this blog fills in.

I started this blog on November 3rd, 2010, over 2 years and 3 months ago. I started it after returning to my house in Preston after having moved out for a year in the process of my divorce. There used to be a blog on this site from before the divorce (from 2004 to 2005), but none of that information still remains here (though I can find some of it on

So far it has been a pretty good undertaking.  This will be the 214th post on the blog. I have written 60,688 words in this blog (including this post), with an average of 290 words per post. I have printed two books from this blog, so it won’t be lost as a journal. I’m sure as blogging goes, this isn’t a great accomplishment, but I am content with the progress. 

I have started encouraging (or as they would say, forcing) the boys to write in their own blogs. Although they haven’t been the only ones to write in their blogs (a handful of the entries are from either myself or their mother), they have pretty impressive numbers.  Will has written 3,172 words, with an average of 30 words per post.  Ben has written 2,126 words, with an average of 29 words per post.  They both have a printed book each from their blogging last year.

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