Snow Delay!

There is a 2 hour snow delay on the SUBASE today, so I’m taking a few minutes to post a quick update on the house projects:

Will’s room is making progress.  We are (almost) on track to move him back into his room on Sunday. Susanna has a couple of ideas about rearranging and decorating the room, so hopefully there will be a nice surprise for Will when he comes home on Monday.

The kitchen island is making progress.  I roughed out the planks for the top.  Now I have to mill them to size and glue up the top.  I plan on gluing the top in two parts and then gluing the two parts together.  After that, all I have to do is spray finish the bottom (a one or two night project).

Not much else is going on in the house. We are all waiting for spring and warm weather. And I’m very tired of snow…

I’ll post pictures of the projects later. Time for me to head into work.

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