Planning for the furlough

I haven’t gotten the official notification yet, but it is coming soon. It looks like I will be furloughed one day a week starting in late-April. It will last up to 22 weeks (22 unpaid days off). It is a big cut in pay for six months – which adds stress. But on the good side, it is during the summer, and if I’m going to get extra time off, I would rather it be in the summer.

I’m working on a plan.  I’m thinking that I should take the opportunity to get things done around the house. I had initially thought about making a list of 22 projects that I could do in one day (and that don’t cost much money). I think 22 projects would be too many. On the summer days that the boys are here, I want to be able to spend time with them, and not be a slave to house projects. Also, I would like to spend time with Susanna’s family when they come for the wedding.

I could also just spend the time working on whatever house project is in progress.  But I’m thinking that it is a good chance to do some smaller projects that might otherwise be put off until a later year.  I’m leaning towards making a list of 11 projects to finish on furlough days. I’m also discussing doing group projects with some of my co-workers if they are furloughed on the same day – that may allow bigger projects at each person’s house, taking turns at each house.

So here is my list so far (in no particular order). I’ll sit down over the next couple of weeks and prioritize them with Susanna.  There are more than 11 projects below, so I’ll have to pick the ones I want, or maybe just have a long list and see if I can get 11 of the projects finished.

  • Replace the fence next to the workshop
  • Paint the ceiling in the front hallway
  • Rewire the back porch light (and move the switch inside)
  • Add two electrical outlets to the study.
  • Add an electrical outlet to the bedroom and a switch for the light
  • Spend a day cleaning the basement
  • Build a bridge/walkway across the stream into the field next door (request by the boys)
  • Add outlets and timed light to the garage
  • Build a proper lumber rack in the garage
  • Repair the windows in the kitchen
  • Build a gate for the dog pen in the garage
  • Yard cleanup
  • Rebuild rain collection drain system next to the front porch (south side)
  • Repair trim on the workshop

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