Update on 2013 Plans

In early January I posted my list of goals for 2013. I figured I would look back at them and see how I am doing this year. So here is how I am doing:

  • Get the sailboat in the water and go sailing: Done… we got the boat in the water last week.
  • Build an island for the kitchen: Nearly finished. I glued up the top this weekend, and am in the process of sanding it.
  • Build two larger woodworking projects: I’m going wait until after the island is done.
  • Get garage ready for the wedding this summer: Not yet complete.
  • Ride bike into work more often than last year: Too early to tell.
  • Finish painting the outside of the house: We are making progress, but too early to tell.
  • Continue organizing the workshop: Making progress, but it is a continoous process.
  • Build a wooden hand plane: Not done.
  • Go camping with the boys: Not done.
  • (added very recently) – finish repairs to Will’s room: Nearly done – he is back in his room, but I need to finish the wiring and window frame.
  • and of course… get married to Susanna: Still planned.

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