Seeing red about Lifetouch School Portraits

Today the boys brought home school portraits.  The only problem is that we didn’t ask or pay for spring school pictures. Nor did we get notification of a second picture day for the boys. Their school photographs are taken in the fall, and we ordered (and paid for) pictures in the fall.

This time a pack of pictures came from the school (or rather, Lifetouch School Portraits) telling us to send a check for the pictures we want and return the rest. According to Connecticut state statute, Chapter 739, section 42-126b:

Unsolicited sending of goods. Cancellation of trial offers and introductory rate offers. Automatic renewals. Unfair trade practices. (a) No person, firm, partnership, association or corporation, or agent or employee thereof, shall, in any manner, or by any means, offer for sale goods, wares or merchandise, where the offer includes the voluntary and unsolicited sending of goods, wares or merchandise not actually ordered or requested by the recipient, either orally or in writing. The receipt of any such unsolicited goods, wares or merchandise shall for all purposes be deemed an unconditional gift to the recipient who may use or dispose of the same in any manner such recipient sees fit without any obligation on such recipient’s part to the sender.

I read that as meaning that the pictures are a gift to me. The thing that really gets me spun up is the thought that a bunch of parents will feel obligated to send money. So, I am keeping the pictures. If they send me a bill I will send a copy of the bill and the notification to the Attorney General’s office.

In addition I sent an email to the principle of the boy’s school complaining about Lifetouch. Hopefully we can get some other photographer to do school portraits.  Maybe a bunch of other parents around here will keep the portraits and complain to their schools about the deceptive business practices made by Lifetouch Portrait Studios.

I’m happy to pay someone for services or a product that I want. But I cannot stand when someone sends me something unsolicited and expects me to either pay for it or take the time to send it back. I received a woodworking DVD that way several years ago.  Needless to say, I didn’t return it or pay for it, and I will never do business with that company.

Now, time to stop being pissed off and try to appreciate the unsolicited gift I received today.

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