Foggy Memories

I think having ADHD impacts how one remembers things. I tend to have a fuzzy recollection of childhood events. I certainly can’t go back though the past years and picture my life as a continual timeline.  Memories are more of a set of snapshots, but with only a week sense of order. It is like a stack of pictures that someone dropped. The pictures aren’t all in order. Some of them may be adjacent to the proper pictures, but for the most part the order of the pictures must be deduced by the content in them.  I’m not sure if this is how it is for everyone, and maybe it is this way to some extent for most people.

I periodically talk about memories with the boys (e.g. what do  they remember from last year, or two years). I think Will’s memories are more like mine. Ben seems to have a much better memory for things that happened. Will has to be reminded a bit, and then the pictures come back. He told me that his memories are a little foggy.  Maybe this is where a journal or blog will help. It gives us a book to go back to keep the pictures in order. I’ve suggested to Will that he think of his blog as a way to remember what happened, and he seems to be happier writing in his blog with that perspective.

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