Sunday morning trains

Will working on his train setup
Will working on his train setup

Susanna and the boys pulled out a couple of boxes of my old O-gauge train set when they were cleaning up the loft yesterday.

Bill and I found the core of the train set when we were kids. Webster Groves used to have bulky waste pick up days once or twice a year (for all I know, they still do). As kids, we used to walk around the neighborhood the night before the pick-up and see if there was anything good being thrown out. Kind of a pre-craigslist.

One year, Bill and I found a full, working, Lionel train set. I eventually bought out Bill’s half of the set. Over the years, I have periodically added to the set.

This morning, Will and Ben decided to empty the boxes out and set up the trains. The only working engine barely runs these days, and some of the old cars are broken. But it was a fun way to spend a Sunday morning.

The boys are now outside playing with the boy from next door. Will’s diorama is still intact. Susanna is sitting next to me on the couch, interrupting me as I try to write. I’m a guy; I can’t multitask at all. I guess it is payback for all the times I interrupt her when she is trying to play the piano. The dogs are outside, though I’m sure it won’t be too long before Tropical Storm Tucker wanders through Will’s town and flattens the trees and topples the train. Though hopefully the buildings stay dry – that would be a mess that I would rather not clean up.

Will's train diorama
The train after passing through Williamville

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