More Odds and Ends For the Weekend

Yesterday I finished one of the small projects that I had left as a remnant from a bigger project. I usually have a couple of them. It is just how my brain works. Why completely finish a project when another one is just waiting to start? It just wouldn’t seem fair to the new project.

But, it feels good to finish things. Even if it is not always fun to do the last 5%.

So, this morning I finished changing the hinges and hanging the door that Susanna had re-refinished. Maybe this is an appropriate place to make a joke about something being well hung in the house… but maybe not.

After lunch (and Ben’s soccer game) I decided to not start a new project, and keep trying to finish up the remnants. Before New Year’s Eve, I ran lights up to the boys clubhouse. I left a space to add switched lights to the stairs up (and the side of the loft we use for storage). This afternoon I spent an hour or two and ran a switched light at the top of the stairs. We no longer have to go up the stairs in the dark and plug in one of the overhead lights. Of course, I will probably move lights around later this spring as we redo the storage area, so maybe it isn’t a project completely done. Then again, a 120 year old house with two barns will never be completely done.

I am looking forward to some workshop time next week. Hopefully the weather will support. It was crazy in December and I didn’t get nearly as much time in the shop as I needed. Susanna and I plan on replacing the vinyl floor in the bathroom this week while the boys are away. It should be a quick Saturday project. We have talked about taking a few weekends this winter/spring to do some minor upgrades to the bathroom (repaint, install exhaust fan, add shelves, and improve closet storage).

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