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We are getting ready for travel tomorrow.  Susanna is trying to get over her cold. I packed most of my stuff tonight.  Tomorrow I’ll have to take the dogs to Mark and Jessica’s house.  Getting ready for a big trip means lost of miscellaneous chores around the house – packing and cleaning. Tomorrow afternoon we head to Boston for the flight to London to vacation with Susanna’s family.

I’ll try and post more pictures this year on the blog.  Today I ordered a printed book made from the 2010 and 2011 entries from the blog from www.blog2print.com. The book should show up in early March.  I’ll need to make sure that I upload higher quality pictures in the future, so when I print it the quality of the pictures is acceptable.

One of our family friends have started blogging about their life on a small family farm here in Connecticut.  You can read about their farm here. We’ll have to start getting eggs from them.

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