Spring Break Trip (DC – Day 1)

Today we enjoyed a leisurely start, eating breakfast (Izzy eating 2 breakfasts) at the hotel and heading into the city to visit the Museum of Natural History. The museum was a hit for the kids, with the favorites being the T-rex fossil (eating a Triceratops), the mummies in the Egypt section, and the crystals and gems sections. We had lunch and a subsequent ice-cream snack at the food trucks that were outside the museum.

After the museum, we attempted to walk to the White House to get a look, but were overtaken by events. The Easter Egg Roll had the entire area blocked off, and some problem in the subway kept us from taking the blue line back to our car. After careful consultation with the oracle called Google, we were able to find a bus route that took us back to our car.

The kids headed to the pool as soon as we got to the hotel, and we ate take-out for dinner.

Izzy enjoying the Natural History Museum.
Izzy's favorite exhibit in the museum.
The favorite exhibit!
Susanna enjoying a coffee with a little photobomb by Izzy.
Susanna enjoying a coffee with a little photobomb by Izzy.

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