Spring Break Trip (DC – Days 3 and 4)

We are wrapping up our trip to DC. Susanna, Izzy and I drive home tomorrow morning. My dad, Barbara and Apuuli fly back to Missouri on an early flight tomorrow.

Yesterday we visited the National Air and Space Museum in the morning. We again at lunch from the meal trucks. After lunch, the group split up. My dad and Apuuli stayed downtown and visited more museums. Susanna, Barbara, Izzy and I headed to Georgetown to walk around and check out the stores and were back in time for the kids to get an hour or so at the pool.

Today we started at the Library of Congress. We walked a bit and found a place to sit down for lunch (finally, no more food trucks). This afternoon we are back at the hotel to relax a bit before dinner.

Next generation spacecraft at the Air and Space Museum.
Izzy and Apuuli enjoying the shade at lunch near the Air and Space Museum.
Izzy waiting at the train station.
Izzy, just a little bored, at the Library of Congress.

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